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July 17th, 2011

Started out at the septarch’s guild. Alec boldly claims that he should be able to manage teleporting the party to Argent and does so, but screws up the combination at the last second and scatters the party across a desert area.

Lion-o begins talking to an old man and suddenly the ground shakes and out erupts two bullettes (LANDSHARKMOTHERFUCKER).


McFadden Magic Weapons a Bullette.

Jerome bum rushed a bullette and knocked him back.

Mick teleports in to attack a bulette. (stone dwarves appear to be in the bullette holes)

Stoltz moves around a long barrier to position himself.

One bullette starts digging and shakes the ground attack Jerome and Mick.
Another bullette knocks McFadden and Stoltz to the ground and tried to chomp Stoltz.
Galeb Durr, throw rocks at random.

Kaz immobilizes the basilisk that appeared while it was running for the old man reconstructing the defensive cast.

Round 2

McFadden charged some stuff.

Jerome attacked a galeb DuRR.

Mick marks some dude and immobilized a bullette.

Stoltz attacked twice on the bullette.

Bullettes attack some and miss. One burrows and and leaps on Mick and then realizes it was immbilized and sheepishly returns to its starting postiion. THen some durrs shift and swing at people.

Kaz hits with Bigby’s Icy Grasp! The basilisk is held again.

Round 3

McFadden hit with a crap roll on magic weapon.

Jerome attacks some people.

Mick epically misses on an action point (1).

Stoltz uses his enchanted weapon to strike down on the bullette.

Bullette attacks Mick after burrowing. The other does the same to Stoltz.

Kaz does a stupid action purred by Mick’s stupidness, he rolls a one on a skill check like a nub.

Round 4

McFadden crit with blackrazor, dealing massive damage to weakspots. Action pointed to cast Halo of Thorns to protect Stoltz.

Jerome moves towarsd the healers on his turn.

Mick actually hits and deals moderate damage to a bullette.

Stoltz heals Jerome massively. Then attacks a bullette to heal mcfadden, but accidentally klils the bullette with a massive 58 dmg crit.

Bullettes and galeb durrs attack and the basilisk breaks free of Bigby’s Motherfucking Hand.

Kaz regrabs critting the Basilisk and doling out a mean 55 dmg while also finishing the first half of the ritual.

Round 5

Mcfadden, crits on the other bullette and they are getting bloodied.

Jerome attacks again.

Mick proned a Bullette.

Mick gets bitten. Galeb Durr are assholes.

Kaz continues to own the basilisk and hurts McFadden to lay 22dmg on the bullette.

Round 6

McFadden magic weapons the bloodied bullette.

Jerome kills a galeb durr, pissing off blackrazor.

Mick hit a bullette.

Stoltz kills another bullette.

The bullettes are dead and the basilisk finally excapes again. Thought the path is blocked, the galeb durr attack Stoltz and miss.

Kaz kills the basilisk, it’s funny because the basilisk didn’t get to make any moves, it’s extra funny because even if he had move 10 he still wouldn’t have done anything.

Round 7

McFadden’s character hits for basically no damage.

Jerome swings wildly at a galeb durr and barely misses, it was sad and painful.

Mick tries to hit

Stoltz move to hit

They run

Kaz moves to help do checks

Round 8

McFadden, does nothing of note other than help others get his kill.

Jerome cleans up someone.

Mick finishes in the ritual and the repulsion blast ends the combat.


We run down the road to close the portal the old man said needs to be closed to save the city, the area is empty (like no one lives here) and a group of giants are in the area. A hill giant claims that the task has already been done and we notice the city is filled with ambulatory piles of gravel around the city. Time to tank it up.


Round 1

Minions attack and attack and attack and miss and miss and hit McFadden.

Hill Jack Shaman readies an action.

Mick jumps in a takes a couple attacks but dodges them.

Kaz lights up the bridge with cold and fire leaving double zones and a lot of pain.

Jerome flies in with some damage.

McFadden and Stoltz do something while I’m pissing.

Brutes attempt to move to damage mick but don’t do much. The portal to the elemental chaos starts moving and spewing out minions.

Round 2

Minions attempt to hit random people.


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