My Life For Hire Home Campaign

October 9th, 2011

The group heads to Moonstair to head to the Astral Giants in order to protect the final piece of the divine engine and encourage the giants there to help defend Argent.

Upon arriving in Moonstair after using Shadow Walk to cover 5x the normal overland ground the party is informed that some forces can be procured against the giant onslaught if nearby troll warrens could be eliminated. The party takes a trip to eliminate some trolls in order to gain favor with the leadership of Moonstair.

In the forest the party some trolls. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Fire ensues and the threesome quickly manages the combat with ease. A path of tracks leads the party to a cave that reeks of rotten flesh. Human flesh. And peat moss. The group stealths into the cave and listens against a door in which they breathing.

Peeking into the room the party sees a medium sized creature in a patch of moss that appears to be digesting the creature. Thorn sneaks up to the moss and pulls it away to reveal a tattered human female. The group is ambushed by a troll shaman but they pin the hapless troll down and incinerate him. (1333 exp from two encounters per person)

They bring the girl back to town, barely alive, she is the eldest daughter of the king of the land. They barter with the lord for troops if they return to slaughter the remaining trolls.

THey take the light portal to find Tarholt and pay him 3000gp to take them to the inchoate temple where the astral ginsts reside.

Upon arrival and the temple’s base they are confronted by three giants who aren’t all who they apppear to be. The three engage the party and in the confusion the two giants who are clones reveal their true nature. After convincing the true astral giant and annihiating the fake drow they convince the remaining giant to take them to appeal to the council of the temple.


JarrodMaistros kazinova

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