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September 25th. 2011

Many popped striders and brutes occured. Soon after Palius turns his attention to the Giant shaman. The chaotic

rift in the area begins to move again, flooding the area around it with an improbable combination of elements.

Spawned elemental minions rush towards the heroes, feeling themselves to the various magical effects in the area in

order to desperately swing at the heroes.

The shaman reaches out and wraps Palius is chains, tying him tot he ground to allow others to attack him. Alek runs

up and fills the area with flames but the giant shaman manages to avoid the full force of the attack. Tuvar uses

his mechanical aid to heal and push back the chaos. With Tuvar in position Dragomme stirkes the remaining brute

with great force.

The brute swings back but misses and tries to retreat. The elemental chaos pushes out and spawns minions that

cripple Alek. The giant shaman blast the entire party with a wave of force that knocks them to the ground. After

missing for the last time the Galeb Duhr attempts to escape the fight.

Palius redoubles and deals a MASSIVE strike to the hill giant, dealing moderate damage and knocking him to the

ground (a taste of his own medicine). The party whittles down the remaining enemies.


After the fight the party notices the giant shaman left behind a purse with the following items: 400gp, 3 Gems

(1000gp ea) and a elixir of preserved power.

After the battle a mote of light drifts down and forms a scrying device for Obenar (the old dude from before) he

tells the party to go to the watchtower and descend into the dungeon. The party reast shortly and sets off to the

watchtower following the scrying light’s guidance. A staircase appears in the watchtower leading downward, the path

before them splits, leading pressumably to the same location but different ways.

The party heads to the right. As they descend they hear the sickening sound of stone scraping accross the

reinforced doors. It appears that more giants have already descended. The group prepares for the onslaught of

chaotic forces, moving the mage to the rear and opening the door.

A battle wall appears and shapes the walls around it to create small parapets. The battle shouts "you will delay

us, Piranoth will rise again!".


Many minions die this day, to massive ultimate craziness. Dragomme calmly smacks the battle wall. THe wall falls

forward onto the party knocking many of them back, the wall reassembles itself and tries to walk towards the other

room. An elemental force crawls under the door and appears to heal the battle wall.

The party redoubles it’s efforts, acting as a unit due to the effort of the artificer. The defender strides forward

(stidently) and tries to hit the battle wall in its face. The group surrounds the wall and beats on it. Pushed back

and injured the battle wall screams: “how does it feel to be…STONE WALLED…hurrhurrhurrhawhurr!”. It attacks

Palius, bloodying him but refusing to open the door its backed against.

Everyone in the party fights back against the wall desperately trying to get past it to the main room on this

floor. Each hit pounds back the wall, the third hit finally crushes the wall and with its dying breath the wall

laughs: “you fools, I was only a distraction” and then the wall attacks in a blast each party member around it

(everyone but the wizard).

Alek moves foward, pushing the doors open with a magical gesture and bursts down several of the flying creatures filling the next room. The sounds of a large wet object hitting the ground can be heard along with the angry cry of a large creature.

The harriers move forward to swarm the party and one of them attacks Alek. He pushes forward to open the next door revealing lots of cold empowered enemies and a rune on the ground that blast him out of the way and damage him. Dragomme and Tuvar attempt to clean up the remaining enemies while the party pushes forward.

One of the ice archons hits a rune and gets pushed in to the prison and the other hits Alek but is rebuffed by Alek’s fire shield and Tuvar’s response. The party beats on the archon while Alek turns the corner and walls in the mage attempting to cast some magic and a large rune on the ground. Dragomme charges the archon pushing it to his death but the mage completes his task at the same time. Breaking the seal on the divine engine and teleporting away leaving only his name: Breven Foss.


Obanar enters the room and activates the Stars Wars trash compactors. He tells us all the things we wished we had known prior to entering the combat. Despite the party’s failure to stop Foss, they are invited to a feast to celebrate the gathering of many heroes. It is also a gathering for planning, Obanar informs the party that there is an army of giants mustering. We have two weeks to repel this invasion which is coming by sea(?). Once we cripple their numbers or turn back their forces it is our responsibility to launch a counterattack. Obanar also explains that there are a force of frost giants also on their way, but they will arrive after this initial force.

Alek reluctantly agrees to this task despite the party’s strength in handling more arcane matters than this. A second quest is given to the party: Each day, Argent expends one of 50 runes of power to maintain defensive rituals. Defeat the giant menace quickly to preserve as many as possible. In addition, you may find ways to restore lost runes and you may need to expend runes to complete powerful spells. The more runes preserved; the better.

Obanar explains how exactly we are going to defeat such a large force: raise an army, rebuild argent and research the matters surrounding the giants’ invasion.

The party will have to determine how best to spend it’s remaining 50 days to protect Argent from the giants’ onslaught. Argent sits on top of a thin barrier between the prime material plane and the elemental chaos. Argetn’s fall would provide more power for Piranoth and an excellent insertion point for his army.

Session XP per character: 3940 +lvl 12


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