My Life For Hire Home Campaign

October 9th, 2011

The group heads to Moonstair to head to the Astral Giants in order to protect the final piece of the divine engine and encourage the giants there to help defend Argent.

Upon arriving in Moonstair after using Shadow Walk to cover 5x the normal overland ground the party is informed that some forces can be procured against the giant onslaught if nearby troll warrens could be eliminated. The party takes a trip to eliminate some trolls in order to gain favor with the leadership of Moonstair.

In the forest the party some trolls. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Fire ensues and the threesome quickly manages the combat with ease. A path of tracks leads the party to a cave that reeks of rotten flesh. Human flesh. And peat moss. The group stealths into the cave and listens against a door in which they breathing.

Peeking into the room the party sees a medium sized creature in a patch of moss that appears to be digesting the creature. Thorn sneaks up to the moss and pulls it away to reveal a tattered human female. The group is ambushed by a troll shaman but they pin the hapless troll down and incinerate him. (1333 exp from two encounters per person)

They bring the girl back to town, barely alive, she is the eldest daughter of the king of the land. They barter with the lord for troops if they return to slaughter the remaining trolls.

THey take the light portal to find Tarholt and pay him 3000gp to take them to the inchoate temple where the astral ginsts reside.

Upon arrival and the temple’s base they are confronted by three giants who aren’t all who they apppear to be. The three engage the party and in the confusion the two giants who are clones reveal their true nature. After convincing the true astral giant and annihiating the fake drow they convince the remaining giant to take them to appeal to the council of the temple.

September 25th. 2011

Many popped striders and brutes occured. Soon after Palius turns his attention to the Giant shaman. The chaotic

rift in the area begins to move again, flooding the area around it with an improbable combination of elements.

Spawned elemental minions rush towards the heroes, feeling themselves to the various magical effects in the area in

order to desperately swing at the heroes.

The shaman reaches out and wraps Palius is chains, tying him tot he ground to allow others to attack him. Alek runs

up and fills the area with flames but the giant shaman manages to avoid the full force of the attack. Tuvar uses

his mechanical aid to heal and push back the chaos. With Tuvar in position Dragomme stirkes the remaining brute

with great force.

The brute swings back but misses and tries to retreat. The elemental chaos pushes out and spawns minions that

cripple Alek. The giant shaman blast the entire party with a wave of force that knocks them to the ground. After

missing for the last time the Galeb Duhr attempts to escape the fight.

Palius redoubles and deals a MASSIVE strike to the hill giant, dealing moderate damage and knocking him to the

ground (a taste of his own medicine). The party whittles down the remaining enemies.


After the fight the party notices the giant shaman left behind a purse with the following items: 400gp, 3 Gems

(1000gp ea) and a elixir of preserved power.

After the battle a mote of light drifts down and forms a scrying device for Obenar (the old dude from before) he

tells the party to go to the watchtower and descend into the dungeon. The party reast shortly and sets off to the

watchtower following the scrying light’s guidance. A staircase appears in the watchtower leading downward, the path

before them splits, leading pressumably to the same location but different ways.

The party heads to the right. As they descend they hear the sickening sound of stone scraping accross the

reinforced doors. It appears that more giants have already descended. The group prepares for the onslaught of

chaotic forces, moving the mage to the rear and opening the door.

A battle wall appears and shapes the walls around it to create small parapets. The battle shouts "you will delay

us, Piranoth will rise again!".


Many minions die this day, to massive ultimate craziness. Dragomme calmly smacks the battle wall. THe wall falls

forward onto the party knocking many of them back, the wall reassembles itself and tries to walk towards the other

room. An elemental force crawls under the door and appears to heal the battle wall.

The party redoubles it’s efforts, acting as a unit due to the effort of the artificer. The defender strides forward

(stidently) and tries to hit the battle wall in its face. The group surrounds the wall and beats on it. Pushed back

and injured the battle wall screams: “how does it feel to be…STONE WALLED…hurrhurrhurrhawhurr!”. It attacks

Palius, bloodying him but refusing to open the door its backed against.

Everyone in the party fights back against the wall desperately trying to get past it to the main room on this

floor. Each hit pounds back the wall, the third hit finally crushes the wall and with its dying breath the wall

laughs: “you fools, I was only a distraction” and then the wall attacks in a blast each party member around it

(everyone but the wizard).

Alek moves foward, pushing the doors open with a magical gesture and bursts down several of the flying creatures filling the next room. The sounds of a large wet object hitting the ground can be heard along with the angry cry of a large creature.

The harriers move forward to swarm the party and one of them attacks Alek. He pushes forward to open the next door revealing lots of cold empowered enemies and a rune on the ground that blast him out of the way and damage him. Dragomme and Tuvar attempt to clean up the remaining enemies while the party pushes forward.

One of the ice archons hits a rune and gets pushed in to the prison and the other hits Alek but is rebuffed by Alek’s fire shield and Tuvar’s response. The party beats on the archon while Alek turns the corner and walls in the mage attempting to cast some magic and a large rune on the ground. Dragomme charges the archon pushing it to his death but the mage completes his task at the same time. Breaking the seal on the divine engine and teleporting away leaving only his name: Breven Foss.


Obanar enters the room and activates the Stars Wars trash compactors. He tells us all the things we wished we had known prior to entering the combat. Despite the party’s failure to stop Foss, they are invited to a feast to celebrate the gathering of many heroes. It is also a gathering for planning, Obanar informs the party that there is an army of giants mustering. We have two weeks to repel this invasion which is coming by sea(?). Once we cripple their numbers or turn back their forces it is our responsibility to launch a counterattack. Obanar also explains that there are a force of frost giants also on their way, but they will arrive after this initial force.

Alek reluctantly agrees to this task despite the party’s strength in handling more arcane matters than this. A second quest is given to the party: Each day, Argent expends one of 50 runes of power to maintain defensive rituals. Defeat the giant menace quickly to preserve as many as possible. In addition, you may find ways to restore lost runes and you may need to expend runes to complete powerful spells. The more runes preserved; the better.

Obanar explains how exactly we are going to defeat such a large force: raise an army, rebuild argent and research the matters surrounding the giants’ invasion.

The party will have to determine how best to spend it’s remaining 50 days to protect Argent from the giants’ onslaught. Argent sits on top of a thin barrier between the prime material plane and the elemental chaos. Argetn’s fall would provide more power for Piranoth and an excellent insertion point for his army.

Session XP per character: 3940 +lvl 12

July 17th, 2011

Started out at the septarch’s guild. Alec boldly claims that he should be able to manage teleporting the party to Argent and does so, but screws up the combination at the last second and scatters the party across a desert area.

Lion-o begins talking to an old man and suddenly the ground shakes and out erupts two bullettes (LANDSHARKMOTHERFUCKER).


McFadden Magic Weapons a Bullette.

Jerome bum rushed a bullette and knocked him back.

Mick teleports in to attack a bulette. (stone dwarves appear to be in the bullette holes)

Stoltz moves around a long barrier to position himself.

One bullette starts digging and shakes the ground attack Jerome and Mick.
Another bullette knocks McFadden and Stoltz to the ground and tried to chomp Stoltz.
Galeb Durr, throw rocks at random.

Kaz immobilizes the basilisk that appeared while it was running for the old man reconstructing the defensive cast.

Round 2

McFadden charged some stuff.

Jerome attacked a galeb DuRR.

Mick marks some dude and immobilized a bullette.

Stoltz attacked twice on the bullette.

Bullettes attack some and miss. One burrows and and leaps on Mick and then realizes it was immbilized and sheepishly returns to its starting postiion. THen some durrs shift and swing at people.

Kaz hits with Bigby’s Icy Grasp! The basilisk is held again.

Round 3

McFadden hit with a crap roll on magic weapon.

Jerome attacks some people.

Mick epically misses on an action point (1).

Stoltz uses his enchanted weapon to strike down on the bullette.

Bullette attacks Mick after burrowing. The other does the same to Stoltz.

Kaz does a stupid action purred by Mick’s stupidness, he rolls a one on a skill check like a nub.

Round 4

McFadden crit with blackrazor, dealing massive damage to weakspots. Action pointed to cast Halo of Thorns to protect Stoltz.

Jerome moves towarsd the healers on his turn.

Mick actually hits and deals moderate damage to a bullette.

Stoltz heals Jerome massively. Then attacks a bullette to heal mcfadden, but accidentally klils the bullette with a massive 58 dmg crit.

Bullettes and galeb durrs attack and the basilisk breaks free of Bigby’s Motherfucking Hand.

Kaz regrabs critting the Basilisk and doling out a mean 55 dmg while also finishing the first half of the ritual.

Round 5

Mcfadden, crits on the other bullette and they are getting bloodied.

Jerome attacks again.

Mick proned a Bullette.

Mick gets bitten. Galeb Durr are assholes.

Kaz continues to own the basilisk and hurts McFadden to lay 22dmg on the bullette.

Round 6

McFadden magic weapons the bloodied bullette.

Jerome kills a galeb durr, pissing off blackrazor.

Mick hit a bullette.

Stoltz kills another bullette.

The bullettes are dead and the basilisk finally excapes again. Thought the path is blocked, the galeb durr attack Stoltz and miss.

Kaz kills the basilisk, it’s funny because the basilisk didn’t get to make any moves, it’s extra funny because even if he had move 10 he still wouldn’t have done anything.

Round 7

McFadden’s character hits for basically no damage.

Jerome swings wildly at a galeb durr and barely misses, it was sad and painful.

Mick tries to hit

Stoltz move to hit

They run

Kaz moves to help do checks

Round 8

McFadden, does nothing of note other than help others get his kill.

Jerome cleans up someone.

Mick finishes in the ritual and the repulsion blast ends the combat.


We run down the road to close the portal the old man said needs to be closed to save the city, the area is empty (like no one lives here) and a group of giants are in the area. A hill giant claims that the task has already been done and we notice the city is filled with ambulatory piles of gravel around the city. Time to tank it up.


Round 1

Minions attack and attack and attack and miss and miss and hit McFadden.

Hill Jack Shaman readies an action.

Mick jumps in a takes a couple attacks but dodges them.

Kaz lights up the bridge with cold and fire leaving double zones and a lot of pain.

Jerome flies in with some damage.

McFadden and Stoltz do something while I’m pissing.

Brutes attempt to move to damage mick but don’t do much. The portal to the elemental chaos starts moving and spewing out minions.

Round 2

Minions attempt to hit random people.

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Arvandor, the Blessed Realm

The party awakes from their final stay at the battlement to find Tarholdt already waiting for them in the main foyer. He greets them with gusto and insists that they move quickly to the portal where the large petal-key will be employed. Nestled amid the lavish mansions of the Lady’s Ward, an elven inn keeps a path of trees leading to a sleepy courtyard. The petal seems to shimmer and hum in proximity to the tree path, and upon reaching the mid point, a glimmering green mist coalesces across the path, forming a gateway. Tarholdt unabashedly ushers each of the party members through the gate. With a sensation like falling in a dream, the party emerges in an idyllic garden temple.

The temple is unlike anything seen before, somehow both pristine and verdant at the same time. Majestic pillars climb up to an open sky, wrapped about by graceful fronds of ivy. Marble statues of ideally proportioned elves and eladrin bear stone-carved baskets and pitchers seeming to flow with verdant growth where water ought to be. Amid this mezzanine, mostly elves, half-elves, and eladrin mill about, having cheerful conversations and seeming to ignore the party of adventurers who just teleported into their midst.

Arvandor 2

“This is arvandor, the blessed realm” Tarhold explains in a manner befitting a tour-guide. “This is the divine domain, floating amid the astral sea, where Corellon and Sehanine dwell. In addition, it is said that Avandra and Melora are often guests in this place, so shrines to them dot the landscape as well. Here, exarchs and the faithful to all 4 of these gods come to live out an ideal life befitting the exemplars of their faiths.” Tarholdt is almost breathless as he explains this. “And we are fortunate, for we needed to be near the edge of the domain, and as a party predominantly of other faiths, we are permitted only to travel briefly on the outskirts anyway.”


Just then, two lithe fey dressed in silvery and forest-green tunics approach. “Ah, but that’s not the best part! A high priestess of Corellan is on a mission of ministry to the isles of Arvandor and is stopping by briefly. When she heard there would be a band of adventurers, she perked up! It seems she was a former adventurer herself.”

The party is soon greeted warmly by the two heralds, a female eladrin and a male elf. The eladrin holds a staff riddled with glowing runes, topped with a gemmed head that indicates a person of great importance in the faith of Corellan. The elf’s regalia is slightly more fit for combat, but majestic nonetheless. He bears a bow across his back that seems more for show, though the gossamer string glinting inside it is immeasurably priceless.


Finally, the eladrin speaks. “Hail, adventurers, I am Quellenna, exalted and high priestess of Corellon. I bid you welcome to these magic lands and am filled with pride to see brothers of blood striking out into the world.” She looks at Paelius and Elstin with pride “I was once an adventurer myself, and I have the scars to prove it!” the priestess sheepishly gestures at the bandage wrapped around her left eye. Even it is finely woven with silverthread and gossamer so as to more resemble a stylish headband than something to conceal a battle wound. “I know not all of our kind worship the Arcane Father, and yet even some of the other mortal races pay him heed. I came to wish you luck on your journey and to extend an opportunity to bask in Corellon’s grace. For a modest donation, we can prepare a ceremony in one of our grand temples to honor the father of art and magic for a blessing upon your journey and yourself. If you are interested, let any of my attendants know and I will make the preparations. Tarholdt has informed me you should have just enough time for a ceremony.” With a small curtsy, Quellenna takes her leave.

“Corellon is the founder of the feast, to be sure” the elf begins to speak as Quellena walks away “But in this wondrous realm we have many divine beings with whom you can better connect here than anywhere else. A pleasure to make your acquaintance, my name is Rokenir. Tarholdt has told me of your amazing prowess and so I don’t feel odd to call you my friends and invite you to simply call me Oak as my compatriots would. The Priestess, being a magnificent wizard in her time, is understandably devout to the father of the fey, but I felt it would be best if you were provided the options of the other deities who call this realm home. Of course, I am no stranger to Sehanine’s grace, but I have been ordained and sanctified to perform rites of supplication to Melora and Avandra as well, should you be interested. With that, I will bid you good journey.”


Tiring of these flourishes of faith, Tarhold begins leading you to the docks. What seems like a simple coastline quickly reveals itself to be something much more amazing.


“I want to give you a chance to see our vessel before we set off, perhaps familiarize you a bit.” Tarholdt speaks to you as you meander up the dock. The verdant grasslands have just a short bit of beach before turning to coast, and in turn the water suddenly fades into… a starry sky.


The water lasts for just a few meters before dispersing. In some places, it billows and spills like a waterfall. In other areas, it simply floats off in all directions into the wispy mass that you realize must be the astral sea. And there, floating in this starlit ocean, is the vessel Tarhold speaks of.


“This” the dwarf beams with pride “Is Titania’s fury. Part of the reason we are sailing out of here is this a ship of Arvandor construction”. There’s little reason to doubt him, the planks and beams of the ship resemble trunks of trees, fully formed and uncut, woven together into a thick hull. The Sails jut out like fins on a massive beast, with fibrous sails stretching like webbing between the ribs.


“They said a number of their agents operating in the natural world and the feywild were mysteriously banished back to the home realm” Tarholdt says somewhat absent mindedly “The end result was a massive reduction in the need to sail supplies to their various portals under the direct command of their gods. Thus, they were happy to permit an enterprising merchant such as myself to take on more generalist work and sold me the ship for a modest discount”


The upper deck is equipped with two minor ballistae and one major ballista. These reload quicker than the cannons below, but they aren’t quite as damaging and they’re more limited in the width of their firing arc.


Tarhold beckons you into the captains chamber where he takes a few practice spins on the steering wheel. “This is where I’ll spend most of my time. I have to devote most of my attention to sailing the ship in tandem with a crew of 6. If any of us are unable to complete our duties, we’ll lose precious speed and that’s going to mean a delayed trip! So, try to make sure nothing distracts us, ok?”


Next, Tarholdt takes you below to the lower deck where the cannons are housed. “Here you can see we have 3 large and 3 small cannons, as well as ammunition. Including priming the ammo, it takes a few turns to prep a shot, but if we somehow end up in ship-to-ship combat, it will likely these that deal the most damage. One important note: no fire down here! if any of the cannons or ammo take major fire damage, there’s a chance they’ll explode and cause severe damage to the ship. This is doubly bad because this ship will start to lose speed as the hull integrity is degraded”


“You’ll notice” he continues “We have a few barrels full of repair supplies, but this is just a bit more than what will cover standard maintenance. I’m counting on you adventurers to be able to get this ship from point A to point B, so either don’t let it get too damaged or find a way to repair damage! As it stands, a journey on the astral sea is rough. We’ll be spending several days ‘at sea’ but you won’t recover at the same rate you normally do. Make sure you keep this in mind and don’t let yourself get too beaten up.”


“Finally” he says “I’d like you to meet the six crew we have hired so far. Zadara gave us 100gp per day for up to 12 crew members and I’ve hired half of that. I thought you guys, being all inspiring and potentially more likely to jive with the natives, might be able to find some folks willing to work for less than 100gp per day. Whatever you can do to lower the cost will mean more crew, or if you’re feeling the need you could chip in a bit more to hire more crew.”

“These guys are pretty tough” he goes on “if they take a hit, they know to roll with the punch and stay down until they can recover. A bit more often than half the time, they’ll be able to get up from taking a hammer to the helm, but if they get hit while they’re down they might not make it! After whatever scrape we might get into that puts them out of comission, we can try some medical procedures to get some of them back on their feet, and of course if you have some healing that will always work too, but the plan A should be to keep them out of the way. That being said, if plan B is to have them hit things, they’ll listen to you if you tell them to take up arms, but remember that we need at LEAST six crew to fly at full speed.”

With that, Tarholdt guides you off the ship, and informs you you’ll be spending 2 days in port, free of charge. He hopes you can use this time to your advantage, and begins his preparation for the voyage!


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