Base Stat Block

Blackrazor (Paragon Level Artifact)

This fullblade is sheathed in a black scabbard decorated with pieces of cut obsidian. Its black blade shines like a piece of night sky filled with stars… too long looking into it, and a part of you despairs that it may never stop falling. But wielded properly, it is said to make its owner ruthless, fearless, and able to fight with unnatural speed.

Blackrazor is a + 3 magic fullblade with the following properties and powers.
Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: + 3d6 necrotic and cold damage, or + 3d12 necrotic and cold damage vs. bloodied foes

Property: You gain proficiency with fullblades after attuning yourself to this blade for 1 hour. Also, this blade may be used as any implement or as a holy symbol for unaligned or evil divine characters.

Property: When you use Blackrazor to reduce a living creature to 0 HP or less, the creature is killed and Blackrazor devours its soul (meaning the creature cannot be restored to life or be the target of any power or ritual that requires it to have a soul). In addition, you immediately gain 15 temporary hitpoints. Special: This property has no effect against non-living creatures (such as constructs or undead creatures).

Property: If you use Blackrazor to make a successful attack against an undead creature, in addition to the normal attack result you also lose hit points equal to your healing surge value. If this effect drops you to 0 HP or below, you die and Blackrazor devours your soul. Special: This property has no effect if you are non-living.

Power (At-will): Standard action. Close burst 20. You know the position of all living creatures (souls) within the burst, including those invisible or concealed. Ignore all barriers; you can detect living creatures through walls, doors, etc. This power can be used a number of times per day equal to Blackrazor’s enhancement bonus.

Power (Daily): Free action. You may perform one standard action as a free action.



Not yet achieved, continue to help Blackrazor achieve its goals to attain this concordance level


This Level of concordance was achieved after the fight against elementals at the gates of fallcrest

“What an amazing sword this is! Is anyone else starving?”

You attune yourself to Blackrazor, becoming more sensitive to the needs of this powerful entity. Swinging the blade becomes second nature, effortless. As your mastery increases, you begin to exhibit preternatural speed. Additionally, as you spend nights (and sometimes days) gazing longingly into the skyscape of the blade, you seem to become immured to outside interferance. However, for all these newfound strengths, the blade’s hunger for souls seems to graft itself onto your own mortal hungers, and the effect on your stamina is noticable. Add the following text to Blackrazor’s stat block:

Property: You gain a + 1 item bonus to speed.

Property: You are never surprised during combat (if a surprise round occurs, you always act)

Property: When you move in the first full round of combat, you may move twice your speed.

Property: You gain a + 2 item bonus to saving throws against charm and fear effects, and a + 2 to all defenses against charm and fear attacks.

Property: Until Blackrazor moves on, reduce the number of healing surges you start each day with by 2. If an effect grants you a healing surge, you may go up to your original maximum.

Power (Daily): You shift up to your speed as a free action.


use Blackrazor’s stat block as listed.


Not yet achieved, if Blackrazor becomes unsatisfied there could be dire consequences

Gaining concordance:

the individual points for concordance aren’t provided to the players, but with brief questioning blackrazor offers the following directives for would-be wielders:

“Become as powerful as you can” (gain levels)

“I must feed on the souls of your enemies” (killing blows)

“Do not concern yourself with mercy for your enemies” (be unaligned)

“Do not waste my power on the soulless” (killing undead/constructs hurts concordance)

“I have no time for idlers” (too long without a killing blow hurts concordance)

“I am the only weapon you shall ever need” (wielding other melee weapons hurts concordance)


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