History: Built among the ruins of the troll kingdom of Vardar, the town of Moonstair is a trade outpost that lies at the confluence of two rivers. The town’s most renowned feature is
the Moon Door, a portal up to the heavens of the Astral Sea.

Geography: The peninsula on which Moonstair was built starts as rocky hills jutting up from the river at its westernmost tip. The western high ground is heavily settled, with the population thinning to the east as the ground slopes away. There, the town gives way to fertile farmland that borders the swamps of the Trollhaunt.

Population: Just over a thousand people live in and
around Moonstair. With the river serving as a natural protective barrier on two sides, the town has grown up rather than out, and multistory buildings are common. Situated as it is on a major trade route, Moonstair’s population fluctuates (sometimes drastically) depending on the number
of travelers passing through.

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Places in Moonstair.

1) The Moon door

An island of stone juts from a stretch of white water beyond the westernmost point of the town. Atop this crag stands a wide ring of moss and flowering plants. This serves as a portal to Moonport, a minor trading post in the astral sea. It is rumored that on clear nights, under a full moon, the destination of this portal changes.

2) Moonstair Keep

This small keep is built upon Vardari ruins. Great slabs of stone make up its foundation, with walls of stone and mortar above. The royal family lives and works here, and the barracks for the town militia are located within.

3) Cloudwatch Inn

Operated by a halfling named Cham (see page xx), the Cloudwatch Inn offers the most luxurious accommodations in town. Its clientele consists primarily of travelers on the trade road or the rivers, and hopefuls waiting for a chance to take the Moon Door

4) Temple

The temple here is small, but it features a few capable ritual casters. The adventurers can have divination and restoration rituals of up to 8th level performed for them (including raise dead), with a Religion bonus of +12. Rituals cost 20 percent over their normal cost. This temple also contains a teleportation circle, but it was damaged during the last assault by the trolls.

The most prominent shrines here are dedicated to Sehanine, Melora, and Avandra. Sehanine’s whims are said to control the operation of the Moon Door, while Melora and Avandra protect those who pass through Moonstair by road or water.

5) Ferry Landings

Trade caravans crossing from one side of the river to the other must pass by ferry through Moonstair. The town watch spends much of its time patrolling these landings, keeping them secure.

6) Old Troll Wall

Dating from when these lands were part of the kingdom of Vardar, this 20-foot-high wall is built from enormous unmortared stones. Though sturdy, the moss-covered wall has suffered neglect for untold years. In many places, gaps and cracks are visible.

7) Rualiss’s Island

An eladrin emissary from the Feywild, Rualiss lives on this small island just a short boat ride from town. The island is overgrown with thick trees and brush, concealing Rualiss’s small stone house.

8) Outer Wall

When humans first settled this area, they turned the land east of the Old Troll Wall into farmsteads. The outer wall they built is not as thick as the Old Troll Wall, but it is in
better repair

People of Moonstair

Prince Perenon

Perenon is the hereditary ruler of the city-state of Moonstair. For generations his family has passed down rule via a ceremonial longsword, Sunwrath. Though Sunwrath was a troll-killing heirloom, the trollhaunt warrens had lied dormant for decades, and this prince is unfamiliar with the trials of battling trolls. Additionally, the Perenon family has always relied on the military prowess of the Dhoram family to lead the standing military.

Etheran Dhoram

Etheran Dhoram, a middle-aged human with an imposing figure, is the general of the standing military of Moonstair. He expects all of his children to take part in the military, either as troops or commanders. This expectation was a key factor in preserving his position as commander after he remarried to a half-elf woman just 3 years after the death of his first wife.

Kelana Dhoram

The eldest daughter of the Dhoram clan, Kelana is a tall half-elf with black hair and light brown
skin. Her clothing is well made but not extravagant, and she wears a silver chain of office. From a young age she has shown is a prodigious talent with the longbow. The adventurers rescued her from the gruesome digestion of a Troll Shaman, and earned the loyalty of her as well as her father.


Eight years ago, the eladrin emissary Rualiss traveled from the Feywild to the natural world to investigate rumors that a portal to the feydark had been opened in the Trollhaunt warrens.

Rualiss wears formal blue robes decorated with messages of peace and cooperation in Rellanic when
interacting with the people of Moonstair. At home on his island, he wears simpler robes.

Rualiss is not particularly happy to be living outside the Feywild, and the eladrin is gruff and impatient to anyone he is not required to be polite to.

Rualiss is an emissary from the eladrin castle-city of Celduilon, the portal to which sits within a forest on the other side of the natural world. He is a learned scholar, and is Moonstair’s
best source of arcane lore, history, and knowledge of the Feywild. He can answer questions on those subjects, though he does so grudgingly.


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